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Prayer Times

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The restriction that applies by the CA May 25th COVID -19 guidance, IBM Masjid Management came up with some must to apply guidelines for all participant and volunteers adhere to.

  • Any one entering the Masjid facility must wear Mask.
  • Any one entering the masjid must bring their own prayer rug each time.
  • Do not to leave their prayer rug behind at the Masjid vicinity.
  • Must keep the 6ft distancing at all times and during the salat.
  • Do not socialize in the vicinity of the Masjid before and after salat.
  • Please make effort to come in the Masjid with Wudu. Bathrooms will be closed!
  • Kids under 14 years of age, women and elderly are not permitted to be in the Masjid at this time.
  • Please do not come to the Masjid for your and others safety if you or anyone in your family are: are sick, have any symptom related to the Covid-19 Coronavirus, and/or have been exposed to the Covid-19 patient or places.

Please respect Masjid’s volunteers and guidelines. Thank you for you cooperation.

Every Friday we will be having 2 Friday Prayers.

First Prayer:

1:00PM Azaan

1:05PM Khutbah

1:20PM Prayer sharp

Second Prayer:

1:40PM Khutbah

1:55PM Prayer Sharp

Very limited capacity. Please leave immediately after 2 rakat fard. Complete the rest of your prayer at home.